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U.T.10 Starch dusting machine Very quiet. Consistent and even dusting. Dusting amount can be easily adjusted.
U.T.5-W Water metering system Very reliable and accurate water metering system.
U.T.15-D Special mixer High-water-content mixer (~40% content); high/low speed automatic mixer.
U.T.15-Vpdf Vacuum mixer Vacuum mixing allows for the production of high-water- content noodles.
U.T.15-H Very high water content mixer For the production of hand-made type noodle which can be sheeted out by roller. Operates more like a kneader rather than mixer.
U.T.40 Compound pressing roller Produces a laminated continuous dough sheet that can be further processed though either the continuous pressing roller or the wavy pressing roller to the desired thickness. Very popular machine. Easy to clean with various safety features.


Continuous pressing roller Laminates two or more continuous dough sheet to a desired thickness. Easy to operate, automatic adjustment to prevent sagging and stretching of noodle sheet between rollers. Very quiet.
U.T.52 Continuous wavy pressing roller Laminates two or more continuous dough sheet to a desired thickness with the added benefit of a wavy roller. The wavy roller is used for making hand-made type noodles with high water content.
U.T.57 Single pressing roller machine Laminates two or more a continuous dough sheet through a single roller to a desired thickness. Unlike other machines on the market, ours has a specially coated roller surface to give the noodle a better finish.
U.T.60 Noodle cutting machine Cuts a continuous dough sheet into noodles. Noodle length and size can be easily adjusted and accurately so that the noodle weight and size are consistent.
U.T-60-6 Noodle cutting machine with rotating knife roller for wavy roller machine Cuts a continuous dough sheet with a rotating knife roller to produce noodles that appear to have been cut by hand. Generally paired with the continuous wavy pressing roller to produce hand-cut type noodles
U.T.61 Noodle hanging machine Cuts a continuous dough sheet into noodles and hangs product on bars. Noodle length and weight are set by electronic counter and can be adjusted to any length and weight.
U.T.62pdf Noodle Cutting Unit A gap of left and right sides in the rollers can be adjusuted easily and it gives you more accurate production.
Automatic weight adjustment machine with noodle balling module Simplifies noodle cutting and balling process. Product can go directly to boxing or packaging machine.
U.T.69 Automatic noodle thickness adjustment mechanism Measures and automatically adjusts rollers to preset dough thickness.
U.T.600 Continuous automatic fresh noodle cooling system Cools fresh noodle before packaging to prevent condensation in the package and color change in the product.
U.T.700 Continuous half-dry noodle drying system Half-dry fresh noodles evenly.
U.T.1000 Continuous automatic gyoza/ won ton/egg roll wrapper manufacturing system Produces gyoza, wonton, and egg roll wrappers. System is capable of high volume and a consistent product with safe and ease of operation. Highest production rate in the industry.
U.T.2500 Automatic fresh noodle manufacturing system This new and powerful machine can be used for making high- water-content fresh noodles.
U.T.8000 High water content, continuous fresh dough making machine This system is designed to produce high-water-content product, such as spring rolls. Safety, product quality, operating ease, and containment features have been incorporated into the software system.

To view a machine, click on the model number.

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