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♦ 1967 Founded as Kurachi Steel Works Co. at 44 Togo,Wadakatsura,Konan-Shi, Aichi-Ken, Japan, producing flood gates.
♦ 1967 Started assembling packaging machines.
♦ 1968 Started assembling buffer polishing machine line.
♦ 1969

Started manufacturing and marketing gyoza punching machines.

♦ 1970 Yutaka Seisakusho Corp. was established. Started producing and marketing gyoza wrapper folding machines.
♦ 1971 Started manufacturing and marketing noodle mixing machines (mixer) and noodle dough forming roller machines.
♦ 1972 Reorganized Yutaka Seisakusho.Introduced a new type of starch dusting machines introduced. Became an instant best-seller.
Our products were displayed for the first time at the All Japan Noodle Industry Exposition.
♦ 1973

Fully automatic wonton and gyoza wrapper-making machine was produced and marketed.

♦ 1974 Started producing and installing noodle-making machine and production line. First in the industry to use one roller per motor system.
♦ 1975 Manufactured and introduced fully automatic fresh noodle balling and boxing machine, the first in the industry.
Manufactured and marketed an automatic roller speed adjustment system for continuous roller machines to prevent excess noodle dough from sagging and stretching between rollers, the first in the industry.
♦ 1976 Started exporting noodle machines to foreign countries.
♦ 1977 Started accepting orders and began marketing other specialized food manufacturing machines.
♦ 1979 To increase business and provide improved service to our customers, a new plant was built.
♦ 1981 Gyoza wrapper making machine line produced and marketed. Became top seller.
♦ 1983 Automatically adjusting rollers for continuous thickness control was introduced.
♦ 1984 Fully automated aging and cooling system introduced.
♦ 1985 Started marketing computer-controlled systems for noodle manufacturing.
Started producing and marketing drying systems for half-dry noodle and hand-made type ramen making machines.
♦ 1986 Vacuum noodle-making mixers were manufactured and marketed. Experimental plant was built to develop use of infrared radiation for aging process for noodle dough.
♦ 1987 New warehouse was constructed at Kusai.
♦ 1989 Acquired Hitachi's CAD system.
♦ 1991 Expanded the electrical room and design areas.
♦ 1992 Developed Ram type mixer for high-water content dough. Developed vacuum noodle dough sheeting machine.
♦ 1995 Okuma gate type machining center Installed.
Construction of new plant at 300 Kowaki, Kowaki-cho, Konan-shi was completed.
Wavy roller for continuous roller machine and rotating knife cutter were developed and marketed.
♦ 1996 All-purpose roller machine and cutting machine for restaurant use was developed and marketed.
♦ 1997 Converted all designs to CAD system.
♦ 1998 High-water-content mixer (60% water) was introduced
♦ 2000 New scrapper less roller machine (from compound roller to finishing roller) was manufactured and marketed.
♦ 2002 Completely automated gyoza wrapper making machine was produced.



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