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YUTAKA is on the newspaper as "Attractive company".

We have been a manufacturer of food processing machinery including various noodle, potsticker skin and wonton skin making lines for more than 40 years.
The company started as a manufacturer of water gate systems. One of our customers asked us for a system that would process a large volume of potsticker skin. There was no such equipment back then, and we decided to develop one on our own. Starting from zero, we successfully developed a novel and innovative potsticker skin processing system that was equipped with a double-shaft mixer to mix flour, water and other ingredients uniformly and with a dough sheet cutter to fold dough and cut it into round pieces as thin as 0.5mm.
Our dough processing systems have a market share of between 70 and 80% in the domestic market.  The Starch Dustor, which sprays starch on dough sheets or noodles to make them less sticky, has a domestic market share of more than 90%. The company's products are also exported to overseas including the United States, Canada and China etc.
It dates back to 1996 when we started development of the Dual Air Flow Grinder. The grinder has two rotors to generate the upper and lower air layers flowing in the opposite directions, which induces a vacuum condition and consequently creates a vortex to cut grains.
Compared to conventional stone grinders or hammer mills, flour processed with the Dual Air Flow Grinder has a wider surface area and thus quickly dissolves in the water. The system does not damage grains' elements, flavors or nutrition because it revolves at a lower speed and generates less heat.
It is the world first technology that uses airflows to grind grains at a very low temperature.   The technology serves to further improve quality of food products such as tea, turmeric and other health food and Chinese herbal medicines.
The Dual Air Flow Grinder not only satisfies its original intention to fortify the company's business position, but also appears to coincide with people's needs that become increasingly health oriented.
The technology is patented in Taiwan, and its patent is pending in Japan, the United States and Germany.
One of our next targets will be development of a fresh vegetable grinder that would allow, for example, new formulas of smooth salad dressings. Another target will be development of medical food that is easier to take, working with food processing companies.
We have been, and are, committed to serve for the benefits of our customers with our engineering and development capabilities, and continue to deliver what customers need and contribute the society.


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