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Product Concept

Development Concept of the Counter Rotating Pulverizor Machine YTK3275 is to minimize the deteriation of the product
YTK3275 Counter Rotating Pulverizor

Each food product has its own special characteristics.
We wanted to create a pulverizer that preserve each food products characteristics. Therefore, before we began, we asked ourselves the following questions;
"What does a pulverizer do and how does it work?"
"How does this change or damage the characteristics of the product?"
"How can we design a machine that will pulverize the product without changing what makes it special?"


The answers to those questions led us to develop the SETY method of pulverization.


To accomplish our goal we needed to do the following:
a) Minimize the pulverizing temperature
b) Minimize overgrinding and increase the grinding rate

The results:
1) Product induction and exhaust at the center
2) Counter-rotating pulverizing system
With this idea, we are able to develop a pulverizing machine that minimizes product deterioration and offers a wide range of use.

Pulverizating Method
image When pulverizing food product at room tempurature, it is important to be aware of the attributes of the product which might be damaged by excessive heat or oxidation created by the process.
There are many ways in which a product can be pulverized, each with its own positive and negative attributes. Shearing, cutting, impact, presure, grinding and even frozen pulverization to mention a few.
The YTK pulverizing method shears the product using a combination of air and vacuum (Volumetric Pulverization). Unlike mechanical methods, Volumetric Pulverization quickly produces a powder which is exhausted immediately to minimizing overgrinding and heating. Resulting in a very uniform particle size with minimal degradation from oxidation and heat.
Some of the material which can be pulverized utilizing the YTK method is as follows:
  1. Material or ingredients that cannot be pulverized using exsisting methods due to product degradation.
  2. Material that are degradated by heat (e.g.l. Vitamin B and C)
  3. Products whose are over 40% in sugar or fat
  4. Materials aroma, flavor, or color changes
  5. Materials which are pulverized in its frozen state
  6. Concern with powder particle size
  7. Particle size requirement
  8. Increase in bacterial count as a result of current pulverization method
Our pulverizer can help if these are your concerns

Pulverizing Method YTK Counter Rotating Volumetric Grinding System
Material Food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbs, etc.
Imput Size

8mm Max (water content 15%)

Powder Partical Size 1∼300m
Output Rate Average 45kg/hr (Tea Leaves)
Hopper Volume 25L

Special Features
  1. Minimize product degradation
  2. Wide range of materials can be pulverized (light to heavy density materials)
  3. Sugar and Fat content > 40%
  4. Particle size can be easily adjusted
  5. Easy disassembly and cleaning
  6. Safety features are in accordance with ISO standards

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